Kuma Energy

Blue Technology

Blue technology: the sea is energy

We’re innovating the sector by choosing technology for inshore energy conversion. These are: always active and working, advantageous in terms of costs and benefits, and environmentally friendly. In contrast, working offshore requires invasive installations in relation to the surrounding environment, extended development time and lack of safety for workers during maintenance.

This is why we have design technology, built to float, that can be placed on pre-existing structures. Let us tell you more about it.


ECOMar’s characteristics

Kuma Energy has chosen to promote the conversion of sea energy into electricity with inshore installations, a technology designed especially for the distinctive features of the Mediterranean basin. A customised system that grows in accuracy and precision through monitoring and research.

ECOMar is guaranteed to meet the energy requirements of ports and harbours from an alternative and renewable energy source, which aims at reducing greenhouse gases, increasing energy efficiency, cutting CO2 emissions respecting the standards put forward by international organisations such as BRICS and OCSE.

It’s a system designed to be installed on the vertical walls of dams or breakwater.

  1. Defined by low installation costs and almost non-existent environmental impact: it doesn’t touch the seabed nor involve prolonged installation operations;
  2. Maintains the environment intact since it’s installed on pre-existing structures like docks and dams;
  3. It doesn’t affect navigation or sea safety. 

Suitable for customised use

  1. Can be used for micro energy production, like in the case of jetties and small harbours
  2. Automatic for installations with Milliwattora requirements to meet the needs of terminals or large ports.

The management and monitoring of the system is taken care of by the smart sensors.

  1. The weather and environmental data is updated and processed in real-time to maximise ECOMar’s productivity.
  2. In the event of exceptional environmental conditions, the system switched to safety mode. 

ECOMar can be inspected and maintained at any time and under any condition from land.

  1. This means reduced maintenance costs compared with offshore systems.
  2. In the event of adverse or prohibitive weather, workers can do their job safely.

It’s a technology that converts energy 24/7

  1. It can adapt to any wave size and environmental condition.

ECOMar can be connected online or to storage systems

  1. It is made from 100% eco-friendly materials that don’t impact the marine flora and fauna