Kuma Energy

Port infrastructure, engineering, management

Nice to meet you Kuma Energy

Why this project

We are an innovative start-up that aims to produce 100% sustainable energy. Italy is one of the largest users of renewable energy. We want to continue to stand out worldwide through our best practices Made in Italy.  

Our technology

A more sustainable future starts with the waves in our seas. We have fine-tuned technology that is respectful of the seabed and ports. ECOMar is placed inshore, on the edge of dams and coastal structures. Thanks to the sensors on the floats that are attached to the port docks, this technology can convert wave power into energy.

Who we are

Kuma Energy was born from the work of 3 founding members, whose companies and expertise make the ECOMar project comprehensive and efficient from the point of view of construction, engineering and management. Our concept of business places expertise, people and sustainability at the centre.


Riccardo Sirito

is the owner and board member of Safim srl, a company that builds port facilities, specializing in safety, protection and docking. In addition, thanks to Safim Consulting srl, it brings added value in regards to designing the systems.


Fabio Piattoni

is the CEO and director of Ingegneria 3Effe, a firm specialized in Industrial and civil engineering projects.


Marco Fasce

is an engineer with 30 years experience as an Engineering Manager and designer of specialized maritime and naval machinery and equipment. He has collaborated with the University of Genoa (Environmental Science and Marine department) designing a prototype offshore system for generating energy from the sea as well as a costal system to convert wave power.


Ezio Pellegro

Business management expert, collaborating with both large organizations and start-ups. At Kuma Energy, he is responsible for business development, the industrialization process and defining the business model in line with principles of financial/economic sustainability and innovation management.